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Friday, May 14, 2010

.CO Domain Information

The registration rules for .CO domains were significantly relaxed at the end of 2009. Now virtually anyone in the world can apply for .CO domain names without local presence in Columbia.

Widely accepted as the short term for 'company', 'corporation', .CO represents a unique opportunity on internet for businesses and individuals. Simply put, .CO is global, recognizable and memorable, and therefore highly desirable in this competitive business environment.

.CO launch starts from 1 April, involving a multi-phase plan to ensure for the stable and orderly distribution of domains. The Launch has three core stages:
  • Sunrise April 1 - June 10:
    In Sunrise phase,Between April 1 and June 10, 2010 any trademark in the world - registered and in full force and effect on or before July 30, 2008 - may apply for a .CO domain. These trademarks need to be registered in a trademark office or registry that corresponds to a state or entity described in the WIPO Standard ST.3 code. This allows companies to apply for their desired domain or domains and secure their trademarks. At the end of the phase, all names that have only one application are immediately allotted and registered for one year. Multiple applications made under the same name or any interest in matching domains will go to auction. Domain name should match Trademark name.
  • Landrush June 21 - July 13:
    Landrush takes place from the end of June through mid-July, and will be open to anyone interested in registering domain names of high commercial value. Any interest in matching domains will go to auction.
  • General Availability July 20:
    Once the Global Sunrise and Landrush processes are complete, .CO domains will become available to anyone in the world. Except where otherwise reserved by the .CO Registry or earmarked for premium auctions, .CO domains will be available to the public based on the chronological order of registrations on a first come, first served basis.

For more information on .CO registration phases and Launch FAQ, please refer to .CO Launch Guideline. Europe Registry is pleased to participate in all these phases and is accepting pre-registrations.

.CO Registration Terms and Price

Phase Term Registration Price Application Fee*
Sunrise 1 year EUR 29 EUR 229
Landrush 1 year EUR 229 EUR 15
General 1 year EUR 29 N/A
* There are 2 fee components in each Sunrise and Landrush application, the Application Fee and the Registration Fee.

1. The Application Fee is for services that will be provided by Europe Registry to cover costs in applying for the registration and is NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of the outcome of the application.
2. The Registration Fee of that application (but not the non-refundable Application Fee) can be applied to a future .co registration in the event that an application is not successful.