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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

10 Vital Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company

By Amy Armitage (c) 2008

The Web hosting firm you choose can make or break your small business. Good ones can run things smoothly, are easy to reach, and fix problems efficiently. But bad ones can have more problems than they are worth, be unreachable at critical times, and bring your business to a screeching halt. Finding a good one is crucial to your success.

Here are some tried and true ideas for how to select a host that will save you money, avoid technical snafus, and build your online platform for the future.

1. Choose a Service that Primarily Does Hosting

Although it might be tempting to sign-up with a firm that provides an umbrella of services in addition to website hosting, a good rule of thumb is that if a company overly-diversifies its services, it won't deliver top quality in any of them (e.g. tech support, updates, maintenance, etc.)


The following chart represents current statistics for many of the worlds most popular domains.  
Updated May 2008.
Domain Amount Registered Country
.com 76.063.148 Global Generic
.de 12.024.088 Germany
.net 11.361.663 Global Generic
.cn 11.439.479 China
.uk 6.826.199 United Kingdom
.org 6.761.801 Global Generic
.info 5.041.001 Global Generic
.eu 2.884.199 European Union
.nl 2.702.754 Netherlands
.biz 1.968.075 Global Generic
.it 1.526.208 Italy
.us 1.411.729 United States
.br 1.300.184 Brazil
.ch 1.119.012 Switzerland
.ru 1.243.362 Russia
.au 1.117.393 Australia
.jp 1.009.602 Japan
.fr 1.125.195 France
.ca 1.009.602 Canada
.kr 902.051 Korea
.dk 904.086 Denmark
.es 941.585 Spain
.mobi 898.916 Global Generic
.pl 993.308 Poland
.be 781.997 Belgium
.at 751.867 Austria
.se 725.984 Sweden
.cz 417.376 Czech
.no 383.469 Norway
.nz 328.951 New Zealand
.mx 252.750 Mexico
.pt 211.259 Portugal
.fi 177.835 Finland
.hk 160.336 Hong Kong
.tr 156.358 Turkey
.sk 154.251 Slovakia
.ie 100.997 Ireland
.lt 76.106 Lithuania

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cybersquatting Increasing

By Mike Sachoff - Fri, 03/28/2008 - 11:25am.

Complaints reach record level

Complaints of "cybersquatting" where a person sets up a site using a trademarked name and profits by selling the name to the owner reached a record level last year according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The U.N. agency based in Geneva, received 2,156 complaints alleging abusive registration trademarks on the Internet representing an 18 percent increase over 2006 and a 48 percent increase over 2005.

"These increases confirm that 'cybersquatting' remains a significant issue for rights holders," said Mr. Francis Gurry, WIPO Deputy Director General, who oversees WIPO's dispute resolution work, noting that a number of developments in the DNS are also cause for concern from the perspective of intellectual property holders, as well as Internet users generally.

The majority of complaints came from pharmaceuticals, banking, and Internet, retail and entertainment industries. Pharmaceutical makers remained the top filers due to "numerous permutations of protected names registered for web sites offering or linking to online sales of medications and drugs," WIPO said.

WIPO parties settled a quarter of all cases without a panel decision. Of the remainder, 85 percent of the panel decisions ordered the transfer of the domain names in question to the complainant and 15 percent of the complaints were denied, leaving the names in the possession of the registration holder.

Most of the complaints came from the U.S., France and Britain, while respondents were mainly in China, Britain and the U.S.